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A Commitment to Equity​

The Visibility Impact Fund recognizes the racial and class inequity present in traditional philanthropy. We are committed to giving the most marginalized in the bi+ communities significant control over what grants the giving circle votes on and awards. Though the Fund's current grant-making model will not be finalized until recruitment of Leadership Committee and Grant-making committee membership is complete, our current working model includes the following elements that reflect our commitment to racial equity, transgender inclusion, and intersectionality: 


  • The Grant-making committee, comprised of BIPOC, trans, and gender non-conforming bi+ people, will review and approve which grants advance for consideration by circle members. This council has no giving requirement. Grant-making committee members who are part of our grant review process will be provided stipends to compensate them for their labor and expertise.

  • The Leadership Council and the Grant-making committee will work together to conduct the initial review of all grant applications. A Slate of qualified grants selected by the Grant-making committee and the Leadership Council will be forwarded to the full giving circle membership for final selection.

  • Every giving circle member has one vote, regardless of the amount of their monthly contribution. 

  • The Leadership Council will engage in outreach to BIPOC, trans, gender non-conforming, and other multiply marginalized bi+ communities to foster broadly inclusive membership and leadership

What it means to be a member

  1. Giving circle members commit to a monthly contribution of at least $5 USD.

  2. Giving circle members have a say on final granting by voting on grant proposals advanced by the Equity Council.

  3. All giving circle members are connected through our Giving Circle Platform on Grapevine.

  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we will play a key role in changing the funding models that currently exclude the bi+ community.

How to join

We are using Grapevine to help manage circle membership and donations. Grapevine is a collaborative giving platform that’s designed specifically to help giving circles come together to collect donations, communicate, and collaborate more easily online.

  1. Click the "Join our Circle" button below to be taken to our Grapevine page.

  2. Click the "Join our Community!" button in the upper right corner of the Grapevine page.

  3. Create your account in few easy steps.

  4. Set up your monthly, recurring contribution.

We ask you to consider donating at $25 USD per month. Our minimum monthly donation is $5 USD due to processing fees. 

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The giving circle welcomes one time donations as well. Donors will not be included in circle membership.