What is a Giving Circle:

A giving circle is a group of people who donate money to a cause they care about and then collectively decide where it goes. They are the co-ops of philanthropy! The Visibility Impact Fund is organized as a giving circle, which means when you become a member, you help decide which grants will be awarded. 


What is expected of me if I join this giving circle?

As members, we each give a minimum of $5 USD per month to the circle. With this commitment, we each get to vote on the grants awarded by the circle. 


Why do you use the term “bi+” and “bi+ communities?”

The Visibility Impact Fund uses the term bi+ to recognize and honor the many labels used by the community of people attracted to more than one gender who use labels like bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, fluid, and queer.


Do you only accept grant proposals from 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations?

Right now, yes. We are looking into ways to award grants to groups and individuals who are not from nonprofit organizations, and plan to have this option available soon.


I want to support The Visibility Fund, but I cannot afford to donate to the circle. Are there other ways I can contribute?

YES! There are many ways to support our giving circle in addition to financial contributions. You can join our Leadership Council or Community Advisory Committee, or volunteer. Go here to learn more.


Can I donate without becoming a member of the giving circle?

Yes. We accept donations of any amount that is meaningful to you. To donate, you can go here. One time donations do not qualify the donor to vote on grant applications.