Grant Applicant Information

Below is information about each of the three applicants seeking $500 grants. Since we have 3 grants to award, we plan to award each of them $500! As a Giving Circle member, we ask for your vote of approval.

FreeState Justice


FreeState Justice respectfully requests $500 from the Visibility Impact Fund to support our education and outreach program ($250) and a Bi+ visibility social media campaign ($250). FreeState Justice will provide comprehensive and interactive trainings that empowers stakeholders in education, law enforcement, violence prevention, foster care, and the juvenile justice system to build safe and inclusive spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals. This funding will help support our work to create a new multi-topic recurring training series that will include a section that discusses the unique experiences of Bi+ folks, including dispelling common microaggression and stereotypes. Additionally, we will support a Bi+ visibility social media campaign through our Facebook page which is liked by over 12,000 users and our email list which has over 25,000 subscribers.

Still Bisexual


Still Bisexual is seeking funding to continue our free Sacred Space virtual wellness event series for members of the Black LGBTQ+ Community and to extend the program to the Latinx LGBTQ+ Community. Sacred Space is unique because it focuses on self-care and healing. Attendees receive care from a professional Black or Latinx queer wellness practitioner who leads them in self-massage, yoga, meditation, reiki and other healing arts. This healing is followed by a spoken word performances (we've featured several bi+ and trans performers) that have at times moved attendees to tears. Because this event is led by a bi+ organization, our event features bi+ practitioners and creates a safe LGBTQ+ space for bi+ people of all races and ages. So far, our program has served 70 attendees and we hope to reach many more in the coming months but we need funding. We do not ask members of the Black or Latinx community to donate their skills for free. We pay all wellness practitioners their group rate ($150-250 per session) as well as all community members who host and perform at the event ($75 each). If these funds are approved, we will be able to schedule and fund one Sacred Space event.



The funds would be used to fund an episode of VISIBILITYtalks, a documentary web series produced by Bi+ artist Kenwyn Samuel. Kenwyn is a Bi+ artist with chronic illnesses and pain, centering the stories of artists on the Disability Spectrum while actively working across the live arts in dance and performance. Kenwyn will produce, in collaboration with the showcased artists, VISIBILITYtalks, monthly video pieces created by and with Bi+ dance/performers makers in Philly who are disabled and chronically ill. These videos will be documentary-style and designed for web and social media distribution.