The Visibility Impact Fund seeks grant applications to fund work in support of the bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer, and unlabled (bi+) community. The Visibility Impact Fund seeks to support and empower bi+ specific organizations, programming, and training to impact bi+ visibility and well-being. We will be interpreting the types of work and programs which fulfill this mission broadly and we will fund organizations that are not focused solely on the bi+ communities. However, grant funding must specifically serve the bi+ community. General LGBTQ work or programs will not be funded. Applications for operating funds will only be considered from organizations who focus on serving the bi+ community.


What does bi+ mean? Who does it refer to?

Bi+ refers to the community of people attracted to more than one gender who may use labels like bisexual, pansexual, fluid, or queer, among others. While bisexual is still the most widely recognized label for our communities, we use bi+ to recognize and honor the many labels used by individuals.


How do I apply if I’m not a 501(c)3 organization? 

We recognize that many of the organizations and individuals doing the work we want to support will need to receive funds outside the traditional 501(c)3 granting structure. However, we currently are only able to grant to 501(c)3 organizations in the United States. We are working with our partners so we will be able to grant to non-501(c)3 organizations and to individuals in the future.

How often will you be offering grants? 

We offer two grant cycles each year: Spring and Fall

About our grants

Eligibility: We welcome proposals from any Bi+ specific, LGBTQ, or non-LGBTQ nonprofit organization that can demonstrate how they plan to positively impact the lives of bisexual+ people.

2022 will bring two granting cycles; Spring and Fall.

What we will fund:

General operations.

  • Without support from LGBTQ philantrophy, we know it is difficult to be a sustainable, all-volunteer bi+ organization. Funding general operations will help organizations hire paid staff, host events, implement training, and organize our community to advocate on their own behalf.

Training and education.

  • One of the reasons we are so invisible, in LGBTQ work particularly, is the lack of knowledge about the disparities we face and about the diversity of human sexuality. If you or your organization needs funding start, maintain, or expand the reach of training or education, please consider applying.

Projects and programs.

  • Any project or program ideas are welcome, including new projects and revising an existing program to increase bi+ inclusion and visibility. 

Call for Grant applications is currently closed