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Making the
invisible majority visible

What is the Visibility Impact Fund?


The Visibility Impact Fund is dedicated to empowering bi+ people by leveraging resources to build the capacity of bi+ movements to improve the visibility, health, and well-being of bi+ communities.


The Visibility Impact Fund will be a leading bi+ funder and a catalyst for other grant-makers to support advocacy, community building, and education to improve the lives of bi+ people.

We are a Giving Circle: 

A giving circle is a group of people who donate money to a cause they care about and then collectively decide where it goes. They are the co-ops of philanthropy! The Visibility Impact Fund is organized as a giving circle, which means when you become a member you help decide which grants will be awarded. 

Our Impact:

  • Filling a gap in queer funding. We recognize that a root problem in addressing our unique needs—in particular double discrimination and exclusion from both gay and straight spaces—is a lack of resources.

  • Funding will:

    • Strengthen communities

    • Increase training & education

    • Empower bi+ activists to change biphobic culture

    • Build capacity among bi+ orgs

Why join this giving circle?

  • Influence: We will have the power to make change & improve bi+ people’s lives.

  • Visibility: We will put ourselves in the picture of LGBTQ philanthropy for the first time to directly address our unique challenges.

  • Support: We will support each other because our needs are being ignored by LGBTQ Grant-makers.

Together we will:

  • Create and strengthen our communities

  • Bring resources together to fund programming, training, and advocacy

  • Improve the lives of bi+ people—the invisible majority of the queer community

  • Finally get a seat at the Table*


*The organization Funders for LGBTQ Issues brings together all the grant-makers that fund LGBTQ issues, a group referred to as the Table. The Visibility Impact Fund will be the first and only voice representing bi+ communities at these meetings—an opportunity to influence other grant-makers to follow in our footsteps.

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Bi+ communities only receive a small fraction of 1% of the approximately $200 million that LGBTQ grant-makers award every year, even though we make up over half of the queer population and have higher health and economic disparities than our gay and straight peers. 


The Visibility Impact Fund is determined to change the status quo. Working together, members of the giving circle will collectively direct funds to support and empower bi+ specific organizations, programming, and training to make an impact on bi+ visibility and well-being.



The Visibility Impact Fund uses the term bi+ to recognize and honor the many labels used by the community of people attracted to more than one gender who use labels like bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, fluid, and queer.